Paris Meets the Orient

Paris Grande Mosque

If you want to stay cosy in a unique place where architecture and tweets of birds coexist, you should visit the Parisian Mosque. La Grande Mosquée de Paris is open to everyone who wants to experience the beauty and peace of the Arabic culture.

Built in 1926, the Grand Mosque is a whole complex constituted by a praying area, courtyard, minaret, steam room (hammam), tearoom and restaurant. These two last areas are open to everyone. Spread in two beautiful gardens with water fountains and mosaics, the tearoom proposes you the typical sweet mint tea, narguile and loads of pastries from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Their main ingredients – pistachio, almonds and honey – marry the mint flavour perfectly. The birds love the pastries crumbs and they won’t bother sharing their table with visitors. The restaurant is sumptuously decorated, but more in an Egyptian style, with dark woods and golden tables. Their generous portions will definitely help you recover your energy – or prepare you to start a new adventure in Paris.

Within a 15 minute-walk from Oops, the Mosque is open to guided tours and is located near other two great attractions: the Jardin de Plantes (with the Natural History Museum, their small zoo and tropical greenhouses) and the Arenas of Lutece, from the time Paris was under the Roman Empire. History, nature, culture and fascinating places: all what Paris is about.